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Sponsorship of Visas for Expat Spouse by their Indonesian partner

Sponsorship of Visas for Expat Spouse by their Indonesian partner

This can be a procedure:

  1. The spouse that is foreign a Visa Kunjungan abroad and gets an Izin Kunjungan delivered for an initial period of 60 times in the slot of entry.
  2. The spouse that is foreign to their neighborhood Immigration workplace, together with his Indonesian partner to utilize for the transformation of their Izin Kunjungan to an ITAS.
  3. The sponsor “buys” the needed kinds (IDR 10K to IDR 25K) and fills down a written need. A “Riwayat Hidup” for the foreigner, and a bank declaration showing that the few has sufficient funds to reside for just one full 12 months in Indonesia should really be attached.
  4. The sponsor should submit:
    – Akte Perwakinan asli (Kristen, Hindu, Buddhist) or Buku Nikah asli (Islam) or Surat Tanda Bukti Lapor Perkawinan asli (overseas wed)
    – Wife’s KTP
    – Husband’s Passport in addition to the above
  5. Frequently, 2 extra sets of photocopies are required for every single pair of papers.
  6. Imigrasi will likely then issue a document become taken to the Kantor Wilayah. It really is a page which claims that after reviewing all of the documents, he’s got no opposition for the conversion regarding the immigration status. Enable a short time to obtain the page finalized by the KaKanIm.
  7. The Kepala Divisi Keimigrasian of the Kantor Wilayah will issue a letter stating his positive opinion about the change of status of the foreign husband after reviewing all your documents. This page, along side a collection of all of the papers, must certanly be brought or delivered to Bpk Direktur Izin Tinggal dan reputation kemigrasian when you look at the DitJen Imigrasi located in Jln Rasuna stated Kav 8-9 in Jakarta. Allow one day when it comes to KanWil to sort the document out. There’s absolutely no cost for the letter, but any such thing like IDR 10K to IDR 50K should assist the woman to type quicker. If you’re not even close to Jakarta, you can easily deliver the papers by Tiki through the KanWil to your DitJen. That appears to work very well.
  8. Upon reception of this page regarding the KanWil, after reviewing most of the documents the Kasubdit Alih reputation Keimigrasian on the behalf of the Direktur Izin Tinggal dan reputation Kemigrasian should issue a Keputusan Direktur Jenderal Imigrasi nomor: (the number/reference associated with Keputusan) tentang Alih reputation Izin Kunjungan menjadi Izin Tinggal Terbatas atas nama: (Name associated with foreigner) saying that a unique status are given into the foreigner. Enable a to 10 days for this keputusan to be ready from the time you delivered all the documents to the ditjen week. Monitor it in the phone at (62-21) 5224658 ext 2521. Don’t hesitate to mobile 15 times a time, you may need fortune to own somebody response the device!
  9. You, or any general (holding a “Surat Kuasa Khusus” from you), should select within the Keputusan DitJen straight through the Sub-Direktorat Alih reputation Keimigrasian.
  10. In reality, the DitJen will issue 3 copies (1 for you, 1 when it comes to KanIm, 1 for the KanWil). You will need to carry it right right back victoriously towards the KanWil that may provide a page authorising the KanIm to start out to process an ITAS .
  11. It isn’t required to submit passport pictures while they shall be used during the Kantor Imigrasi. Fingerprints may also be taken.
  12. Then comes the full time to pay for the charge when it comes to ITAS: IDR 1,400,000 for the 2 12 months non-electronic ITAS or IDR 1,600 for a 2 12 months electronic ITAS, IDR 800,000 for a one year non-electronic ITAS or IDR 1,000,000 for an one year electronic ITAS, when your passport has at the least 1 . 5 years staying credibility, or IDR 450,000 for a 6 months non electronic ITAS or IDR 650,000 for a half a year electronic ITAS, if for example the passport has year remaining legitimacy.
  13. A small problem may occur if your KanIm is online with the DitJen. After delivering the Keputusan DirJen, Jakarta often “forgets” to finalise the process also to enter the “OK” within the system. meaning that your cannot that is kanIm process re re re payment! Very first time in your lifetime that Imigrasi will refuse your hard earned money. Enjoy the brief minute, it generally speaking does not take place frequently! If it takes place, don’t worry about it, simply telephone into the true quantity provided at point 8 (or fax : 021- 52962095. that one may be the fax for the SubDit Alih Status)
  14. The Kantor Imigrasi will likely then stamp an ITAS into the international passport and an ITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal terbatas) is likely to be granted.
  15. At that true point, you need to require an “Izin Masuk Kembali” become stamped within the spouse’s passport. If he goes out of Indonesia without it, the ITAS holder “loses” his ITAS. Better then to possess it, if you do not wish to accomplish this procedure yet again. Do a search when you look at the archives regarding the Expat Forum when it comes to fees that are official into the Izin Masuk Kembali.
  16. The foreigner needs to go to their Kantor Lurah to have a Surat Keterengan Domisili saying their formal target in Indonesia in which he should bring this page to their Catatan Sipil to have a SKTT (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal) mail order wife, a SKPPS (Surat Keterengan Pendaftaran Penduduk Sementara) and a SKDLN (Surat Keterengan Datang dari Luar Negeri). A foreigner remaining on an ITAS MUST register in the Catatan Sipil for the above papers. It helps smooth our ITAP procedures later on if you have done this step that is required. The three documents and issue a nice greenish card attesting your residency and registration as a temporary resident for the length of the ITAS in fact, chances are that the CaPil compile . Charges because of it are defined by Peraturan Daerah and differ according to each kota/kabupaten. It willn’t cost a lot more than IDR 150K. Extra information on trying to get a SKPPS

Be mindful to see which you only have fourteen days to join up following the date of issuance of this ITAS (Pasal 20, undang undang 23 tahun 2006 tentang Administrasi Kependudukan). Failure to take action with time would expose you to definitely a superb of no more than IDR 2.000K (Pasal 89, undang undang 23 tahun 2006 tentang Administrasi Kependudukan).

  • Your next move will undoubtedly be to go to the Direktorat Jenderal Pajak to have a NPWP, the spouse’s individual income tax quantity.
  • Take note the immediate following:

    • An ITAS, as described above, sponsored by the Indonesian spouse, will not enable any types of work by the expat husband.
    • You’ll have to restore the ITAS at the very least 1 thirty days before its termination. Yearly renewal additionally is applicable for SKTT, STM and SKPPS.
    • Any improvement in your residency or status that is civil be reported towards the Kantor Imigrasi, the authorities and also the Catatan Sipil through the credibility of the ITAS .
    • Just legitimately hitched (in other words. recognised by Indonesian legislation) wife/husband are authorised to follow the above mentioned described procedure.
    • The ITAS owner decides to terminate voluntarily their ITAS also to leave Indonesia (age.g if 1 day. moving in a international nation), he has to very first apply for the Exit license just during the Kantor Imigrasi of their residence and are accountable to the Catatan Sipil.
    • Providing that most the requested documents are submitted because of the sponsor into the correct timing, supplying which you submit yourself all the documents in the relevant administration (KanIm, KanWil, DitJen) you should not have trouble that you don’t use the services of a friend/calo and.
    • Please, do not let corrupted Pejabat abuse you. Do not spend any other thing more as compared to fees that are legal. You are going to be sorry bitterly and type in a spiral that you could in no means control. You may void your right to complain if the things turn out wrong if you start to pay bribes.
    • The total procedure should endure around 1 or 2 months approximately. Remember that you have got thirty days “only” to have the ITAS issued following the issuance of this Keputusan DirJen.
    • Do not forget to expand your Izin Kunjungan, if required, through the procedure!

    Our because of Atlantis for investigating and Marilyn Ardipradja for upgrading this area’s information! For extra details see this thread regarding the Expat Forum.

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